It is a New Year!

Happy New Year.

My year started quite tumultuously with my website being compromised and no longer able to be accessed so apologies if you tried to access it form the 27th December until now. It was a tense time and I realised how much I rely on my website for a smooth sailing  working life! This event resulted in my website blog posts from late in the year until now being deleted. Not the worst thing in the world but a little annoying- better than losing the whole site! Needless to say stronger security has been added to my website hosting. I also have a new addition to the site where you can subscribe to my newsletter. Please do !

We had a lovely family Christmas and enjoyed our wonderful children and grandchildren. It is a special time of year!

Had a lovely photo shot with Vicki Yen from  Vicki likes to tell a story with her images and I can highly recommend a sitting with her.

 We spent our usual holiday at Stradbroke Island, always a source of great inspiration  for my work. I loved the patterns in the sand. Who knows what this will inspire and when!

Another trip just before Christmas was to a wonderful Gallery.Below are some images from Margaret Olly’s studio..makes me feel better about my house clutter. Her house and been relocated to The Tweed Gallery. It was a lovely place to visit and the food is remarkable at the cafe! 

 The next workshop in the studio is a wonderful jewellery workshop with Mary Hettsmansperger in March  She is going to do some felt specific techniques as well as her usual beautiful work.

Mary Hetts flyer Images Click here to see the flyer for her workshop. 

I will also have one workshop in my studio in March. Please email me if you are interested. It will be the only Brisbane class for the year as I am traveling and sharing my felting interstate and overseas.

Well I will keep you posted on what else is happening as things develop!



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