Happy New Year!

Felting at the local Kindy

Above is a felted wall hanging made by 18 lively four year olds at The Pines Childcare Centre. We had so much fun!

The end of my year was a bit of a personal roller coaster and I have been unable to do many of the tasks that I usually have done by now. So I do apologise if you have been looking to see when my classes will be this year! I just had to jump off the merry go round and attend to family matters as a priority.

The new year promises to be full of adventure it seems with my usual teaching trips away and some home time in the studio. My 2017 Workshop Calendar for the year is now on site and I am stepping up for a wonderful year ahead. Some new evening classes are taking shape and I have finally organised some play days for a few special students who come regularly to the studio  classes.

Below are some of Pamela. A. MacGregor’s gorgeous pots from her  website. I was blessed to get to spend about 10 days with Pam and she taught from the Felt Studio for three fabulous days.Pam loved her time here and of course the shared lunches on workshop days were a hit as they always seem to be! Pam said they are the best lunches she has ever had ! No pressure now girls! We all had a terrific time and learnt such a lot.We had a gorgeous day trip to Stradbroke Island with some of the NZ girls that were here for the class.



2017-01-09 15.37.47

I have been pottering about in the studio. Here are a few sample pieces…

Bailye_ (2)_Shades of Grey Scarves

2017-01-28 15.04.28

2015-09-21 11.17.30

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