The Felt Studio


The Felt Studio creative space was created in early 2012 in time for a lovely teaching visit with Vilte from Lithuania.The studio had a very quick birth and is now a fully functioning purpose built space to host workshops with visiting felting  tutors and with Wendy.It is a lovely space ,nestled in the country and if you are very lucky ,(as was Lisa Klakulak  visiting tutor from the USA) you may see some of the wildlife….snakes,possums,scrub turkey and goannas to name a few and even some very beautiful king parrots! Lots of lovely shared lunches have been celebrated through out the teaching year.Teaching  times are usually from March until October each year.Guest tutors will  be visiting the Studio as Wendy’s schedule allows. Teachers who have taught in the Felt Studio include the following marvellous feltmakers and mixed media tutors :


Vilte (Lithuania)

Myfanwy Stirling(NSW)

Pam de Groot (NSW)

Jorie Johnson ( Japan)

Anna Gunnarsdottir (Iceland)

Moy Mackay (Scotland)

Liz Clay (UK)

Lisa Klakulak (USA)

Marjolien Dallinga (CAN)

Pamela A MacGregor (USA)

Trace Willans (QLD)

Sophie Munns (QLD)


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