Finally some time in the studio!

I finally feel as if I am a little more grounded in my work! Enjoying playing with some samples for my classes in 2018 in Central Australia.
These are just samples, playing with colours and types of stitch and thickness of pre-felt and differential thicknesses.They are not pieces I am necessarily happy with at all yet.They are just play things/learning devices at this stage and the beginning pieces of a bigger jigsaw puzzle that is still evolving- like those jigsaws with no edges!! Some parts I feel I overworked and over stitched I learnt something there! Some parts the colours disappeared completely. The naturally dyed pre-felts and fabrics I put in do not show up well at all .They need to be darker. I also discovered I like them rolled. I also discovered the pods would look better with some shadowing behind.So the journey goes on!
One of the blessings of my work is getting to travel and teach and Central Australia is my all time favourite place. Something resonates with my little heart there.I will be teaching in Central Australia in June this year and in 2018. Pop to my website to see full details of my classes around Australia.


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