Care Instructions

Care for hand made felt:

Your  hand felted item  requires simple but careful handling to maintain it’s longevity.

  • Hand wash separately in warm water with a small amount of dissolved, gentle pure soap ,shampoo or wool wash .
  • When washing gently massage the item – do not wash vigorously or it will felt more and shrink in size. Ensure rinsing and washing water is the same temperature.
  •  A dash of vinegar in the final rinse water is helpful.
  • Very gently wring out the water or use an old  dry towel to blot excess moisture being aware that some dye run may occur.
  •  Reshape exactly how you would like it to be and dry flat or over a railing in a shady area. Iron on appropriate setting for the fibres/fabrics used in your piece.

In addition to wool fibre your felted item may contain the following:

Fabrics :Wool , silk, optim, cotton, linen, rayon, nylon, synthetic, recycled.

  • Fibres : silk, bamboo, rayon, tencel, optim, camel, ramie, flax, milk, corn, soy, recycled.
  • Yarns: silk, wool acrylic blend, rayon, cotton, recycled.
  • Hand dyed: Natural, synthetic dyes.

Storing your felt.

The nicest way to store your felt is in a calico bag with a rubber band on the top to keep out moths. A zip lock plastic bag can also be used. This is essential if storing in a dark cupboard or drawer as moths love wool as much as you do! If you are placing your wool felt out as a decorative item be sure to keep an eye on the base for moths. They love the dark spaces under and inside pieces an occasional wipe with clove essential oil on the bench surface may help. Before storing your felt away freeze it for a week or two to make sure that it has no moth eggs,this will ensure longevity of your felt.


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