Wendy Bailye is an award winning Australian contemporary felt artisan and designer. Working with an eclectic mix of wool fibers, fabrics, silks, threads and recycled materials, Wendy produces fibre rich artworks and wearables. Each piece tells a story. Her main love is of experimental surface texture and design incorporating different fabrics and fibres to make an interesting whole. She produces original, handfelted textile artworks – home wares, wall art and wearables.

Having been involved in felt making for over 20 years , Wendy runs a vibrant felt art studio, The Felt Studio, from her home in the Samford Valley, north west of Brisbane, Australia. Here she runs workshops as well as working on commissions and refining her personal felt making practice. Wendy teaches her skill nationally and internationally has been Featured Artist with Expertise Events travelling with the Craft and Quilt Fairs to each state in Australia. She is continuously refining her skills, learning from many other talented artists and students who so generously share their wealth of knowledge with her. She  has  been assistant editor and then co-editor of Australian Felt Magazine. She writes Textile related articles for many art/craft related magazines and has been published in an international feltmaking book The Worldwide Colours of Felt. She has having had a variety of articles published in Australian and overseas publications.

Wendy would like to acknowledge her felting teachers over the years, firstly her friend Gabrielle who first introduced Wendy to the wonderful world of felt! A spinning class and a cape class with Helen Stumkat many moons ago, The Matrix with Alexander Pilin, wonderful vests and textures with Polly and Myfanwy Stirling and Satchiko Kotaka,  Hats (and so much more) with Judit Pocs, Sculpture with Beth Beede , Bags with Rachel Meek and felted sculpture with Anita Larkin. Hosting workshops with International Tutors from her home studio has given Wendy access to a wonderful professional skill base and has created wonderful connections and textile friendships the world over. Vilte(Lithuania), Pam de Groot (AUS), Jorie Johnson (Japan), Anna Gunnarsdottir (Iceland), Lisa Klakulak (USA), Myfanwy Stirling (AUS), Liz Clay(UK), Pamela MacGregor (USA), Natalya Brashovetska (Cyprus), Sophie Munns (AUS), Moy Mackay (Scotland), and Marjolein Dallinga (Canada), Pamela MacGregor (USA)  all have visited and stayed at the Studio to teach, providing a rich tapestry of working styles. All these people and more, have influenced her work and life.  Thanks also to all of the people she has ” played” with in the textile world and felting convergences over the last 20 something years-she has had so much fun! I think you will agree she has the best job!

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