Wild Things Exhibition

Busy,busy,busy! Just back from Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair-We had a fabulous time thanks to all the friendly Adelaide-ians we met ! The fair was great and we did lots of classes in the Felt Studio.Karen,Liz and I had a great time.The last day Karen and I went to Glenelg and sat by the sea .Gorgeous views and a lovely sunny days. 

Ollie my youngest has just headed to Brazil for three weeks playing Futsal for Australia .He damaged his ankle just before leaving  so it has been a little frantic with intensive physio twice a day  for three days before going.This has put me a bit behind in preparing for my exhibition next week.So I will be a very busy bunny this week.Today I was finishing off birds and framing some favourite small pieces.I am hoping to make some bird brooches too….

Oh I do love felt.

A friend came over today and she repaired a very old wrap that she had made that was very sentimental to her.It was full of moth holes and a little tragic.With some new wool added it looked like new when re felted.Felt is so forgiving.Hope to see you all at Sharyn and my exhibiton  next weekend -see the events section for details.The Saturday night Soiree should be a nice evening with some poetry and music…bring an instrument if you like!Many people had said they couldnt get there on the Friday for the official opening  or during the day so hopefully this will give everyone a chance to visit….

Well I better get some rest .Much to do!Ollie has taken my camera  to Brazil -so I wont have any new photos for a while!

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