What an Adventure!

Well I have been in five states of Australia in three weeks .Starting in Brisbane I traveled to  teach in Melbourne and then off to Sydney to stay at my friend Rachels who lives near Cowra . Then off on the Indian Pacific Train across the Nullarbor Plain-the longest straight stretch of railway in the world ,through South Australia and ending in Western Australia for a feltmaking convergence that I was tutoring at and participating in.What an adventure!I have come home inspired and excited to get into the studio.What a fantastic three weeks! There will  be pictures coming and yes the DVD is finally here.I will be posting details on the website ASAP and setting up a shopping cart to make it easy to purchase.

When I have caught my breath I will post some photos.

Whilst away my son broke both bones in his leg playing soccer and had to have surgery so there was a more than a little drama in the middle…but he is recovering well thanks to a titanium rod that is now bolted to his lower leg and he is very pleased to have his Mum home! Kids!











Wild Flowers on the Nullarbor.



Rachel and I spent some time in the studio dyeing .A big pot of black dye and lots of  wrapping and clamping.Really happy with the results.Rachel played with some jewellery techniques and successfully managed to felt hard balls on the ends of dreadlocks. A medal is deserved -it is a difficult technique.The scenic photo above is the paddock here Rachel agists some of  her goats.The property is near Cowra NSW.Spent a lovely four days on the farm. The little lamb above was sickly after some very cold weather and hail.It spent a day by the fire but unfortunately died later that day.Life on a farm can be very difficult and it made me appreciate just how hard farm life is.Contending with foxes and rabbits and feral goats ,drought and rain and hail , stock loss and caring for sick animals all part and parcel of farm life.Fortunately the wide open spaces and beautiful sunsets,the charms of life in the country ,the peace and quiet and wonderful native wildlife more than makes up for the difficulties.
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