Wendy makes space!

Life is amazing,exciting and full of change . Have been feeling for quite a while now that I need to have a break from teaching to concentrate fully on my own work. As you all know I love teaching and I love my students ,so this is a difficult decision but also not so hard because I know it really is  time .

So I have decided.

I am ceasing monthly teaching in my studio from my July 2013 classes.I will still be teaching  for Toowoomba Spinners and Weavers in August and in Noosa in September .

I will also still be teaching for Koala Conventions and my cruise class in 2014.  My guest Tutor classes will stay the same.

So wish me well….I  will  keep you up to date with my work through my blog as always! I am making space and making a slight change of direction for a bit.I do not know what is around the corner but I know intuitively I need to make the  space  and see what comes.It is exciting and it’s a little scary. Wish me luck !!


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