Tribute To Tigger

Today was a special day.

To those who have come to the studio for classes for many years and have patted dear old Tigger I thought I should let you know that he went on his way to doggy heaven this morning . At 17 and absolutely sprightly and happy until the end ,Tigger lived a charmed life . He was always happy for a pat and the odd smackeral of something after our shared felty lunches. Up until a couple of weeks ago he was still excited to go for a walk , loved his food and still managed to traverse the back stairs with skill and work out how to open the back screen door with a Houdini like finesse..

Yesterday  it became obvious that things were going downhill for old Tig.  In typical dignified fashion it all came quickly to an end today in the lovely warm sunshine on his favourite spot on  the lawn.We wasn’t called solar dog for nothing!! We think he got his energy from the sun as lying on the lawn in the sun was his favourite activity every day.

Many of you spoiled him and gave him the loveliest attention….he had many admirers over the years. He was an easy, unspoiled,country dog who slept outside till the absolute end and drank out of the pond,shunning dog bowls for food or water with such disdain .

One of his funniest moments was when we put a tweed dog coat on him  a few years back to keep him warm – he despised it with a great passion  and he looked at us with a look of “REALLY ?You don’t expect ME to wear this do you?” “I refuse…dogs do NOT wear clothing under any circumstances !!” and he did his darndest to rub it off and walk out of it in disgust.It never was worn again.

He grew up with the children ,their friends , the many chickens …..and us.We have all grown older together. The house is different tonight and we miss him but life has been the better for having shared it with him.We are happy/sad….happy that is was quick and painless and that he didn’t have to suffer.Sad to not have his quiet doggy company by the door as we come home each day.

This afternoon we had a little family wake and a toast and then went to visit a friend with a new little    puppy to round off the day with a bit of gorgeous bouncy puppy energy.Ahh..the full circle of life!

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