The Studio is now ready and there are spaces this month in classes!











Murray deserves a medal! From this to a fully functional almost finished space in just over four weeks! Compared to the grubby old garage I feel like I am in heaven! The new windows and doors are just lovely and open up the whole area.












The newly renovated Felt Studio is now fully functional!

Above is the first piece of felt for the year…a sample for my class next year at Koala Conventions.

The Studio sale went really well and we are glad it is over so that we can get on with things in a less cluttered manner.Thank you to everyone who came !We were so glad the rain cleared.

FELT CLASSES  have vacancies this week  on each day Friday ,Saturday and Sunday so if you have been meaning to come and do a felt class let me know and I shall book you in. The Studio is gorgeous and today I am going to make felt in it! There are no standard classes in April only Vilte’s classes-our special guest tutor all the way from Lithuania. So if you want to do a class before May now is the time to book.

Below are some pictures of things you can make in class.

Class 8 Nuno-scarf 3D option
Class 12Class 1Class 15Class 21

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