Sophie Munns Workshop

So excited to have Sophie Munns teach a 3 day class at the Felt Studio Sophie Munns conducts ‘Seeds through An Artist’s Lens’ workshops for her Homage to the Seed Project launched in 2010. IMG_2076 Click here for details : Design Class with Sophie Munns At the Felt Studio in February she will be guiding participants through 3 DAYS of Visual experimentation with a lively SEED focus, taking the opportunity to discover a diversity of local and regional species in particular. Gestural drawing, mark-making, layering, patterning & painting will provide exciting ways to celebrate the seeds of this region to arrive at the engaging designs ready to apply to a piece of handmade felt. Day 3: You can continue your paper based design work with Sophie or bring a textile/stitch element into your work (bring your textile materials with you!) , or with Wendy as felt guide create a piece of felt reflecting the wonders of our local Biodiversity (NB: up to small scarf size) BYO felting materials or purchase/lend from the studio.The studio has a design focus  for this year! In this class you will have a wonderful time using seeds as inspiration and can choose to make a piece of felt inspired by seeds at the end !Please email for costing details. What to bring to class: Click here for details    UPDATED SAMFORD SEEDS FELT Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam    
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