Slow Felt

Well it has happened.After not making felt for what seems like an eternity I have got back on the horse! I made a lovely piece of felt for a friends wedding a month ago and other than that I have made nothing for over four months.So the work load was starting to mount and I thought I had better get on with it.After such a long break it was a bit challenging.I remembered my advice to students”Just pick a colour and start””Don’t worry you can’t do it wrong”etc etc.It seemed that that never applied to me and all of a sudden I was there-feeling a bit nervous about starting a project!Anyway I made some samples for classes at the TEXTILE ART FESTIVAL,a bright table runner and a three dimensional nuno flower wrap.I will be teaching both of these classes.Details will be available in the next month or so .

I have some beautiful grevillias out in the garden at present so I thought I would put a couple of photos of them in as well.Enjoy!There are also a couple of photos of my studio.

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