Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!I have  had a lovely Christmas and a very nice beginning to the year.I have been planning  classes for the New Year and have spent about three full weeks on the computer doing all my documentation and the  things that make my Felt World go round! No resolutions but I have very successfully begun a nice new routine for each day including a walk,a meditation and a bit more time with my other half. Trying to find the balance in life is a never ending journey.

Very excited to have Liz Clay former President of the International Feltmakers Association teach at The Felt Studio in April  18th-21st. Details to be advised. Liz will be teaching a couture class and a lovely pleated boa/scarf.  www.lizclay.com

13th/14/15th September we will have Anna Gunnarsdottir from ICELAND! Anna will be teaching her resist methods and we will be making sculptural  pods  to use as lamps or sculptures .Full Details to be advised. http://www.annagunnars.is/



Pam de Groot has confirmed her class for the 1-4th August . A four day naturally dyed garment class .To see Pam’ s work  pamdegroot.blogspot.com.au . It is Pam’ s second year at the Studio and we are looking forward to it.She has had a busy year travelling all around the world teaching.



My new classes for the year up on site . I will be teaching monthly classes at Threads and More Indooroopilly and  4 Noosa Regional Art Gallery Classes for those of you on the North Coast  as well as The Textile Art Academy and Koala Conventions. It is going to be full but fun!






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The Online Store is Closed from Dec 7th -December 21st

Hi Everyone.Our Online store is closed from the December 7th until the 21st December as we have an annual holiday.

We apologise for any inconvenience.Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Jondaryan Felting Weekend

Just spent a lovely weekend at Jondaryan Woolshed west of here. An historic Wool shed with all the charm of yesteryear .It is a great place to go camping and has great facilities.Here are some pictures you might enjoy.The sheep just made me laugh they were so interested in me!

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The Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists Christmas Fair in Auchenflower, Brisbane is a craft market with a difference. This is an annual event for the QSWFA, providing the opportunity for members and crafts people to highlight their talents and display their work. A wide range of handcrafted items, made with love and care by QSWFA members will be on display and available for purchase.From beautiful hand beaded Christmas decorations to hand crafted garments there will be a gift for everyone.

The Emporium will be open to the public and a massive amount of fibre arts accessories will be available, ranging from raw fleece and hand painted silk fibres to spinning, weaving and dying supplies. There will be the ever-popular sausage sizzle along with wonderful home baked goodies to eat just like Gran used to make.

Spinning demonstrations and musical performances will be happening throughout the day.

Spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, book making, basket making, cake stall, second hand supplies stall, fibres, fabrics, plants, colourful hand dyed materials.

Sunday 25 November

9 am – 2 pm

Fibrecraft House

12 Payne Road


I will be there with bells on with a felt stall-  so pop in and say hi!  Would love to see you there!


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Having a lovely few days at our exhibition at Mt Coot -Tha  Botanical gardens here are some images.Thank you to Di  Hodge for the great photos.




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It is only a few sleeps till my Exhibition with Sharyn Hall at Mt Coot-Tha Botanical Gardens in the Richard Randall Gallery. It is so exciting! This year I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed -I think that comes from having three years of exhibiting under my belt!

For details of our Wild Things  Exhibition see   https://www.wendybailye.com/events/wild-things-2012-date-saver    .There you will find your Wild Things invite.Please feel free to pass on the invite by email to your friends.It is so helpful, thankyou!

I  spent this weekend out at the  Jondaryan Woolshed felting which was relaxing-though of course being out West it was a little warmer than I am used to.The Wool Shed is a lovely spot to camp by the creek  or stay in the cabins-especially in the cooler months.

Am beginning to organise plans for next years classes which I am looking forward to .My teaching term starts back second week of March after the weather has cooled.I am planning some small classes at Embroidery and quilt shops ( in the air conditioning!! ).Let me know if you have a favourite shop that would like me to teach a little mini class for about 12-20 people. Flowers and tiny pods !

A piece I was inspired to make after Lisa Klakulaks class

My Piece from Lisa's Class

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Lisa and Dorothy


Last chance to book into this amazing class!

Four days of expert tuition with Lisa who is traveling all the way from the USA to teach around Australia. We are very fortunate to have Lisa with us at the Felt Studio in Brisbane ,Australia. Click here to see some of Lisa’s work

……www.strongfelt.com .

Dorothy Caldwell’s class in mark making  was an inspiration! She brought an amazing apron that had been mended over and over.It was like a stained glass window.It came form the mid west of the USA in the 40’s.A time of great depression in the US. So many mendings and such a treasured work garment that the owner could not have afforded to replace.Dorothy also had the apron which covered this dress which has fade marks where the apron covered it .My son  Ollie loves mending and was intrigued by this amazing story -he came to class to stitch with us and see this amazing piece of history.Below are some pictures including the apron and Ollie’s darning. I am a proud Mum! Both my boys love handwork and it makes my heart glad!



 Some new pieces…..of mine!

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Post Pam Post!

Naturally Dyed silk threads


Had a joyful week at The Felt Studio with Pam De Groot from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Pam joined us for an inspirational 5 days of dyeing. Three days of natural dyeing and two days of dyeing with landscape dyes.

The pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Pam for your patience and for sharing your lovely
skills with us!










   Student Work -Wrap layout   

Before taking off the leaves

Naturally Dyed Prefelts

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Such a great life!

Feeling so fortunate today to have such an interesting , full life! Just finished my own studio classes on Sunday -we had a lovely three days of classes and students made some wonderful felt. Hats,wallhangings,a vest,wraps and scarves ..

Preparing this week for Pam de Groot’s class at the Felt Studio next Wednesday-Sunday .Pam is teaching here on her way back from teaching in the USA.

There are still spaces in both classes so if you have some time we would love you to join us! There is a two day class and a three day class -see the workshop section  on the sidebar for details.


I am also taking bookings for a 4 day class with Lisa Klakulak from the USA from October 4th-7th 2012 .I have always admired Lisa’s work and am so excited to have her visit the studio and teach.

Here are some images of Lisa’s work.For details of her class go to the workshop section on the sidebar.I have nine expressions of interest and 12 spaces.



I have only one more block of my own lessons for the year, October 11th-14th. This is your last chance this year to do a Felt Studio class! My how the time flies. Next years classes will start in late Feb/early March when the hot weather has settled.

A lovely new book has arrived which will inspire you! Available from my studio…$35 plus postage. Australian customers only.Email me for postage cost.I am not putting it on my online shop so I can keep the postage rate down for you!

A celebration of creativity, color and materials

A colorful and inspiring book by and for felters.  The book shows 93 felters and they tell what their specialty is and what makes felt for them so special. 
With over 500 color illustrations and an attractive design,  ranging from practical everyday objects to large three-dimensional art objects. In soft earth tones or in an explosion of color. The book shows how the ancient technique of felting continues to develop.


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Tribute To Tigger

Today was a special day.

To those who have come to the studio for classes for many years and have patted dear old Tigger I thought I should let you know that he went on his way to doggy heaven this morning . At 17 and absolutely sprightly and happy until the end ,Tigger lived a charmed life . He was always happy for a pat and the odd smackeral of something after our shared felty lunches. Up until a couple of weeks ago he was still excited to go for a walk , loved his food and still managed to traverse the back stairs with skill and work out how to open the back screen door with a Houdini like finesse..

Yesterday  it became obvious that things were going downhill for old Tig.  In typical dignified fashion it all came quickly to an end today in the lovely warm sunshine on his favourite spot on  the lawn.We wasn’t called solar dog for nothing!! We think he got his energy from the sun as lying on the lawn in the sun was his favourite activity every day.

Many of you spoiled him and gave him the loveliest attention….he had many admirers over the years. He was an easy, unspoiled,country dog who slept outside till the absolute end and drank out of the pond,shunning dog bowls for food or water with such disdain .

One of his funniest moments was when we put a tweed dog coat on him  a few years back to keep him warm – he despised it with a great passion  and he looked at us with a look of “REALLY ?You don’t expect ME to wear this do you?” “I refuse…dogs do NOT wear clothing under any circumstances !!” and he did his darndest to rub it off and walk out of it in disgust.It never was worn again.

He grew up with the children ,their friends , the many chickens …..and us.We have all grown older together. The house is different tonight and we miss him but life has been the better for having shared it with him.We are happy/sad….happy that is was quick and painless and that he didn’t have to suffer.Sad to not have his quiet doggy company by the door as we come home each day.

This afternoon we had a little family wake and a toast and then went to visit a friend with a new little    puppy to round off the day with a bit of gorgeous bouncy puppy energy.Ahh..the full circle of life!

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