March Musings…

Just had a couple of my hats used for a “psychedelic” photo shoot in Grazia Magazine.Click on the link to view!Grazia Photoshoot

Classes are filling for March but I still have a few spaces left . Email me if you would like to join a class.Class sizes are small and there are heaps of opportunities to learn new skills from your classmates who will be making something different to you. It’s a great way to learn and one of the reasons that I teach mixed classes.Here is a double muslin wrap that I really enjoyed making.Muslin on the front and back and wool sandwiched in between…

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Thanks to all of you who traveled to the studio sale on Saturday.It was a busy day and people traveled from the Gold Coast , Beaudesert and even Goombungee! My studio has some free shelves and hopefully many of you managed to get some well priced stock that will be useful to you.Here is a picture of a sample cushion I just finished for a 3D cushion class.

Am looking forward to this week I have a lovely student who is coming to make baby things on Thursday with me….Stay tuned for   very cute photos!

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Well my new classes for 2011 are finally posted in the Workshops section of this website.  I have a bout of tennis elbow (Felters Fibrosis!!),and as my arms are most important for my livelihood ,classes will have to start at the end of March instead of the beginning.Thank you for your patience Just want to be 100% for the year .I am also doing the classes a little differently as they are now held once per month on a Thursday,Friday and Saturday.This gives my interstate students and Brisbane students a chance to come to three consecutive classes or do larger projects that take longer.My classes are priced a little differently this year as well- see the sidebar for details on class fees .I am not doing the Craft Fairs this year as I am having a “rest”‘ year after two years of constant traveling.  (see my February 2011 Newsletter).I am pondering having a teaching sabatical in 2012 to concentrate on my own work  so if you are contemplating doing classes ,this year is a great time to do so.

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Felt wallhanging using patterned nylon net and wool and silk fibres

It is a lovely feeling today knowing that cyclone Yasi has come and gone and that there has been minimal serious injuries or loss of life.That is not to underestimate the terrible destruction and heartache for so many.My niece lives in Cairns and I must say we were very concerned for her and her partner.It was great news this morning to hear that Cairns had been spared from what we imagined to be a catastrophic natural disaster.  

My working year has begun  in preparation for the year.New classes have been set and a  new price structure for classes  has been sorted .I have been busy  designing new learning experiences for students for the year and early next week I will begin doing some samples. My classes start back at the end of March.I will be posting details early next week for you all-so stay tuned..  

I have a bout of tennis elbow ( felters fibrosis!!) at the moment.Too much of a good thing.It is a three month recovery so I wont start classes for a little bit longer to give it a chance to heal.This year is in SLOW DOWN mode for this little chook!  

Can hardly wait to get back in the studio.Speaking of studio I have some news.I am having an event that I hope you can come to.   





Sharyn Hall & I have been traveling with the Craft & Quilt Fairs across 

Australia for the last two years. Now it’s time to reclaim our studio spaces. 

We need to move the large amount of accumulated stock and offer you an 

opportunity of some unique materials. 

Some stock is new, some aged and well loved….lots of bargains 

Due to the large amount of stock 

the sales will be at each studio ie: TWO VENUES 

SHARYN’S STUDIO: 65 Deerhurst Rd Brookfield 3374 1995 

magazines, books, dyeing, printing, mixed media & craft equipment & materials 

beads, buttons etc, fibres & threads, lace & braids, assorted papers 

quilts & framed artworks, ethnic fabrics & embroideries (from Sharyn’s collection) 

fabrics: silk: scarves, large, small & scraps, cotton: patchwork, textured & others 

WENDY’S STUDIO: 50 Mc Dowalls Rd Yugar (Samford) 3289 1352 

magazines, books, beads, buttons etc, fibres & threads, silk scarves 

wooden frames, felting materials & felt scraps, 

new merino wool & silk tops – very reduced prices – much at cost price 

The studios are a half hour drive apart (via the newly refurbished Gap Creek Rd.) 

Credit Card & Eftpos facilities available at both studios 

Saturday 26th February 2011 





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This  Post should have been titled Happy New Year but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

Our hearts go out to all those  affected by the floods.So many images of devastation and carnage.The News just brings us all to  tears.

Our family have spent the last few days helping with the clean up locally and in Brisbane.It is a huge ,huge job to clean up.

Please volunteer if you can.It is such a help to people to know they are cared for.

Murray and Ollie spent yesterday cleaning up with other volunteers at an elderly mans house he didn’t know along with 15 or 20 other “strangers” who had never met this man or each other before. By working together they had his house cleared and hosed out -an impossible task if he had been on his own, in no time it seemed . And they left him feeling a wonderful sense of achievement.There is something so poignant about allowing “strangers” into your home to help. This will change us all for ever. People came with their barbeques and made lunch for everyone -a big sausage sizzle,brought cakes and sandwiches- a great thing to do if you can’t do the hard physical work.You can volunteer by making sandwiches or muffins or even if you can’t cook buy some cold drinks or icecreams and take them somewhere others are working. Take a tube of hand antiseptic so they can clean their hands before eating-the mud is unbelievable and a real health risk.

Anyway,I have nothing to say about felt or felting right now- studio closed till further notice really-Except for a pre-booked class I have on the 22nd January and my studio sale the last week in February. I think I will be busy elsewhere for quite a while . Just please ,please help where you can.Donate to the flood  

ereThree quarters of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone.Yesterday I went for a walk at Sandgate a short drive from my home.It is on usually pristine Moreton Bay.This is where all the flood debris is landing.It was  a brown sea of mud with many, many dead and dying fish.A scene of absolute environmental  devastation .This is where the huge floating walkway has washed up and lots of the Market produce from Rocklea Markets and little bits and pieces of so many peoples lives.It is truly devastating.We just came back from three weeks on Stradbroke Island just nearby and so it is a place dear to my heart.I am so sad.

Not wanting to end on a sad note the community spirit in Queensland has been astounding and the heartfelt responses form the world comforting to us all.We will get through this but only by relying on each other for a very long time to come. This recovery will take years. Don’t let people do it on their own.Help and support where you can.

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Had a wonderful “WILD THINGS”exhibition . Thanks to all those who came and made it such a success.Sharyn and I had a wonderful time and thank you all for your support. I must say I was sad to see some of my favourite pieces go but I know they are going to good homes..

I am now officially on holidays from Felting and will not be accessing any emails until after January 7th.A break from the computer is such a treat and I apologise if you have any orders that I cannot fill.

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Wild Things Exhibition

Busy,busy,busy! Just back from Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair-We had a fabulous time thanks to all the friendly Adelaide-ians we met ! The fair was great and we did lots of classes in the Felt Studio.Karen,Liz and I had a great time.The last day Karen and I went to Glenelg and sat by the sea .Gorgeous views and a lovely sunny days. 

Ollie my youngest has just headed to Brazil for three weeks playing Futsal for Australia .He damaged his ankle just before leaving  so it has been a little frantic with intensive physio twice a day  for three days before going.This has put me a bit behind in preparing for my exhibition next week.So I will be a very busy bunny this week.Today I was finishing off birds and framing some favourite small pieces.I am hoping to make some bird brooches too….

Oh I do love felt.

A friend came over today and she repaired a very old wrap that she had made that was very sentimental to her.It was full of moth holes and a little tragic.With some new wool added it looked like new when re felted.Felt is so forgiving.Hope to see you all at Sharyn and my exhibiton  next weekend -see the events section for details.The Saturday night Soiree should be a nice evening with some poetry and music…bring an instrument if you like!Many people had said they couldnt get there on the Friday for the official opening  or during the day so hopefully this will give everyone a chance to visit….

Well I better get some rest .Much to do!Ollie has taken my camera  to Brazil -so I wont have any new photos for a while!

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Last fair for the year but not the last POST!

Just about to head to Adelaide after a great fair in Brisbane! Thank you to you all for supporting The Felt Studio at the fairs.We have had a wonderful year and just planning what will be in store for next year.Am looking forward to Adelaide it is a beautiful place.Here is a photo of one of my new pods ready and waiting for our exhibiton in November.






I have a lovely friend Cathryn Macauley who makes the most gorgeous ceramic necklaces that are really reasonably priced .If you are wanting to buy a unique christmas present contact Cath.Her website is          Her hearts are the most beautiful things and she really puts her heart and soul into her work.


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Brisbane Fair!Here we come…

Four more sleeps till the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair.I have been avoiding all the hard “work” work and have had a wonderful week making!

Here are some of the new additions to the studio. The bird picture will be a three hour class at the craft and quilt fair.It will  feature as a journal cover.The felt flowers are a one hour class.

Also wanted to post some photos from one of my lovely students,Shay. Shay came to class with the idea of making a wrap for her wedding .The wrap was made and then overdyed a gorgeous russet colour which was a little terrifying for both of us but turned out beautifully.We had to match it to her neccklace colour which was indeed a challenge.One of the nice things about teaching is it extends the teacher!! Here are some photos by Melissa Jean Photography.I think you will agree she looks amazing! The henna tatoo on Shays hands   is my favourite shot! Thanks Shay !

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A little behind!

Well I have been a little slack in blog writing this month having just returned from a great fair in Canberra in August.We had a fabulous time and we were SO warmly received.We had full classes and really enjoyed our visit.It was mighty cold though!Even colder than Tassie.Have also just returned from 4 days of fabulous classes at Beautiful Silks.Had a fab time in Fitzroy! What a fantastic visit.Stayed at the Brooklyn Arts Hotel which was the most gorgeous place to stay.Very homey and different-a little eccentric and  very welcoming.  Make sure you look it up if you want a nice reasonable inner city place to stay in Melbourne,and tell Maggie I sent you !

We are preparing for the Brisbane Fair ;October 19th-23rd and organising classes. Please note Classes are not able to be pre booked at the fair.Just arrive early on the day and come straight to The Felt Studio. For details click on this link below . Here are some photos of some recent work.

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