Felt Blog July

Well it has been a busy month.I have just celebrated my fiftieth birthday so I am feeling quite as if I have come of age finally! Having a big chunk of life to look back on is lovely -even the difficult bits.

I did a spot of teaching at the Textile Art Academy and the at Koala Conventions-both events were wonderful and I can highly recommend attending if you can next year.I am posting a whole stack of photos.Put your cursor on the photos below to find out what they are.I have also put up some photos of my creatures .Heaven knows what possessed me?They were fun to make and even more fun to take photos of!They make me smile and were so silly to make.




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Felting in July!

 Somehow my felting in July webpage crashed and disappeared so this is the new one!! It has been a busy month teaching at the Textile Art Festival and the Textile Art Academy .We had great fun in class and enjoyed making a variety of felt. Next I will be teaching at Koala conventions.I have attached an invite to their open day here  2011 Invitation to Open Day .The event is held at Brisbane Girls Grammar .I will have a stall there selling felting supplies( Felt Magazine, silk scarves,wool,books ,buttons etc)I will also be demonstrating at the open day all day.



 The next Samford Classes are listed below..not many classes left till the end of the year!Seems bizarre but true the end of the year is looming!

Samford Classes  2011 –

 JULY 2011       Thursday   28th Friday 29th, Saturday 30th(Booked out)Sunday 31st (Booked out)

SEPTEMBER  2011 Thursday 1st,Friday 2nd,Saturday 3rd ,Sunday 4th

I am travelling and teaching in October and preparing for my exhibition in November.

Classes start back in March 2012 when it is not so hot .If you want to book a group class for 5 or more people(max 8)- I am available anytime ( including October-March).I just stop taking monthly bookings and running regular monthly classes-it gives me a well earned break but happy to do one off classes.




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Felt June

Here is  Nicola wearing her hat that she made in class last week. There are also a couple of pouch samples made for my up coming teaching  Friday/Saturday week at the Textile Art Academy .There are still spaces in both my classes if you are wanting to do some felting.One day classes -a Tree of Life class and a Techno Coverup class – making pouches or a laptop bag.Come and join us for a great couple of days.Sunday there is a market day where I will be demonstrating.Don’t forget to look at my installations in the courtyard and the felted funghi and flowers that students from St Peters have made and put in the trees.

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Finishing off your cushions and scarves

Decided to post a note about finishing off your Textile Art Festival projects that were not quite finished at the end of class.The class ended not quite how I would have liked it to-it is the first class that I have taught that didn’t end on time(something i like to do!) so I do apologise.  It was a  very hectic end to fhe class and I would have liked to have spent more time with you individually to finish off .

CUSHION -Keep working your cushion in the plastic sheeting or rolling on itself with the petals inside the roll at all times with or without plastic depending on how hard and stuck on your flower is.(stitch if necessary at end)Keep shaping it back into a square shape and remember that the direction you roll is the direction that the shrinkage will occur. )….A little extra bar soap rubbed on the felt can help at this point. Keep rolling until your cushion measures a little larger than 50×50 cm this will fit the insert nicely and also ensure there is no pilling or minimum pilling when the cushion is being used. Check it is not felting to itself on the inside and that the petals are the shape you would like.Stretch the petals width wise and shape them as you go.Stretch the overlap so it overlaps nicely.Put your hand inside the cushion and stretch the edges outwards from the inside  so they lay straight. Straighten from the outside aswell.Rinse in water with a dash of vinegar .Spin your cushion when finished on the spin cycle only (not wash!!) to remove excess water or roll in a dry towel after wringing out by hand.Then finish shaping .If you would like to bring your cushion in to show me tomorrow  please do .I am at the Artists at work area all morning till 12.00 or  if  you need advice email me .Dont forget to send me a picture!

Scarves.Remove your plastic resists and work your scarf by rolling it on itself until you get good crinkle and the felt is hard .Stretch the petals to shape .Keep checking it does not felt to itself.Rinse in water with  a dash of vinegar and then spin as above.Send me a photo when you are finished I’d love to see it and I will post them here on my blog…

Thank you all for attending class .I think your colours were beautiful and I look forward to seeing them all finished.Though hectic at the end  I was impressed that the template work had no ridges  around the edges which is often a problem with beginners and template work.The rubbing  in wards only towards the middle ensures that this does not happen.If you had a flower that didnt attach this sometimes happens and you just need to stitch it on .There is no rhyme or reason just sometimes happens so just stitch it on at the end..If I didnt say goodbye or thankyou I apologise and say it now!! Wendyx

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Funghi for the Textile Art Academy

Sometimes you do some odd things as a feltmaker!  Today was spent volunteering some time at St Peter’s Lutheran College at Indooroopilly .We made felted funghi to adorn the trees at the Textile Art Academy where I will be teaching at the end of  June.


It was a great couple of hours and the funghi really looked great -the girls did a great job.Make sure you look at the trees in the courtyard when you call in to the open day.The Schools art group will be putting the installation up.

  Here are some photos.

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Lots of exciting classes in June …. Book Now for Samford Studio Classes – Thursday June 2,Friday June 3rd, Saturday(twospaces left) June 4th and SPECIAL EXTRA CLASS Sunday June 5th (two spaces left). 

For details of my upcoming workshops with the Textile Art Festival –    http://www.textileart.com.au/.  This event is on  the June long weekend.The Textile Art Festival is a great event and you get to attend two events for the price of one as the Scrapbook Expo is on the same weekend.This table runner is one of the projects .

Textile Art Festival
June 11 – 13, 2011, Saturday to Monday
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Southbank
Open 9am to 5pm daily

TEXTILE ART ACADEMY http://www.textileartacademy.com.au/ is also on in Brisbane and I will be teaching two one day classes .Techno coverup(laptop bag/phone cases etc) and Tree of Life wall art piece(see photo.)It will be held from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th June, 2011.This week long event will include a comprehensive program with some of the tutors visiting Brisbane for the first time, and will be held at St Peters Lutheran College, Indooroopilly. Visitors are welcome to drop by any time during the week and especially on Open Day (Sunday 26th) when there will be lots to see and do. Hope to see you at one of the classes!

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May Felt Classes….

Four lovely days in the studio with some delightful students,lovely lunches on the verandah and beautiful felt at the end.What a great week.Below are some  of my students work from our Sunday class .This class saw this Andrea’s lovely Hippy Happy Dangly Hat finished …it was a two day project and I think you will all agree turned out really well.Two great hats in blacks red and greys a pair of slippers  a lovely bag and a muslin wrap.Teone was busy filming a little felty documentary as we worked and managed to make a hat as well! I finished off a bag with silk velvet and stitch…From Saturdays class ,Bronwens blue wallhanging was based on a turkish tile design.Lovely!


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Beautiful Silks Cancellation


Just letting you all know that  my Beautiful Silks Classes in Melbourne will not be going ahead.I do apologise to all of you who had said you were coming and interested but it is circumstances beyond my control and I only found out today.I will still be teaching in Melbourne with Victorian Feltmakers however and also happy to do a special class in Melbourne if you have a venue . Let me know if you are interested  in the classes and we will see what can be arranged.Just wanted to let you know as I have just sent out my newsletter with my class details to you all.

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Reversible textures





Here are some of my latest felting projects. The muslin wrap is a beautiful texture and the back is gorgeous and muted,the front very bright .I love the contrast…..And an old favourite Tree of Life  felt using batik fabric,threads ,silk mohair and merino.

I have just done my newsletter for MAY .Please have a look to see what is happening and get a few felt hints!I am busy working on my DVD  Felting with Fabrics which will be published in June all being well! It is a challenge I can tell you!!I want to be seriously photoshopped one minute and happy just the way I am the next!!Talk about contrary!








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Easter Bloggings

Hundertwasser inspired wrap detail


Today is Easter Saturday and I am happily sitting on the verandah with my trusty laptop enjoying the sights and sounds of Autumn . The birds are singing and all is well with my world.The perfume from a newly burst forth palm inflourescence is drifting my way on a warm breeze.It’s a good life.   

I have been busy in the studio and feel as if I am beginning to get my creativity back it’s definitely been on holidays! 
We also have a new addition to the family-a 1974 York Caravan.Our initial idea was to have it for extra accomodation for wwoofers /http://www.wwoof.com.au/ and interstate felt students but it is SO cute we will just have to register it and go on little trips -it is in perfect condition and just lovely.
I have been reading a lot about Hunderwasser lately -he was the most amazing man and my all time favourite artist.Look him up if you want to be inspired.He was born in Austria and actually died on the ocean liner the QE 11  when it was docked  in Brisbane in 2000.He was an artist ,ecologist and architect.

Our "new" caravan


Hand felted wrap using many shades of green and grey and chartreusse silks

My Garden shed..it is autumn here and the gardening work is in full swing.


 I have started production of the first DVD in my new series of DVD’s  The Creative Feltmaker . It will be called “Felting with Fabrics.” There will be three projects and it is a DVD in a workshop format.It will be especially helpful for those of you who like to learn by watching  and will be great for teachers.It’s like having a workshop with me in your loungeroom!  

 The production  is a steep learning curve but very fun.If you would like to reserve a copy just email me.  

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