Well my new classes for 2011 are finally posted in the Workshops section of this website.  I have a bout of tennis elbow (Felters Fibrosis!!),and as my arms are most important for my livelihood ,classes will have to start at the end of March instead of the beginning.Thank you for your patience Just want to be 100% for the year .I am also doing the classes a little differently as they are now held once per month on a Thursday,Friday and Saturday.This gives my interstate students and Brisbane students a chance to come to three consecutive classes or do larger projects that take longer.My classes are priced a little differently this year as well- see the sidebar for details on class fees .I am not doing the Craft Fairs this year as I am having a “rest”‘ year after two years of constant traveling.  (see my February 2011 Newsletter).I am pondering having a teaching sabatical in 2012 to concentrate on my own work  so if you are contemplating doing classes ,this year is a great time to do so.

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