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A beautiful beret and an even more beautiful smile.


A lovely vessel for sharing !

Thankyou to one of my lovely students for sending in these two gorgeous photos above. How rewarding  for me to see people head off on their own felt journey after taking a class or two and to make such lovely quality felt!   

Well it is May today and I am getting ready to head to Perth for the Craft and Quilt Fair .Click on this link  to see details of the Felt Studio. .I will be having a make and take Felt Studio at this event where you can make lots of different felted items with expert tuition.Teacosies ,wraps,booties,artists journal covers,flowers and even hats .There will be a project to suit all budgets and all materials are provided in the cost.Prices start at $20.00 and classes go for one to three hours.Look forward to seeing you all out west! My wonderful friends Karen and Liz  will accompany me.We have top quality wool and fibres to sell,lovely patterned ,plain and handyed scarves  to felt on and much ,much more.Liz has hand dyed some gorgeous muslin and paj silk scarves which are a delight to the senses and so easy to felt with.She also has covered some buttons with handmade felt as well which are spectacular and very unique.There are no prior bookings-just come to the studio early in the day and book your class.As this is our first fair of the year please be patient with us as we settle in to the studio routine!   

Here is a book you might be interested in. I will have copies of this book and other quality felting books at my stalls through the year at the craft fairs.If you want to have excellent felting  books that come highly recommended please come and see us.   

BOOK REVIEW   Uniquely Felt Christine White (Storey Publishing/ Capricorn Link)ISBN:9781580176736/RRP$39.99 AUD .   

As the rear cover says “Uniquely felt is the ultimate guide for every crafter drawn to the magical interplay of wool, water, and human hands”. This book is a little bit of magic in the world of handmade felt.   

C h r i s t i n e White is an ex p e r i e n c e d felt maker who spends her time teaching, w r i t i n g , l e c t u r i n g and curating felt exhibitions. She has written a wonderful book that will become a felt makers’ classic. I believe it is the best felt making book I have read, and it is the one book I recommend in all my classes.It is a good, thick book full of creative and tasteful ideas, with clear instructions. There are some great beginner projects on simple cording and felt balls. There are instructions for making hats, slippers, boots, cushions, bags and garments—all easy to follow.Because the instructions are clear and concise you are guaranteed a great finished product. The way Christine teaches felting is very close to the way most people felt in Australia which is a big plus. Projects include nuno felt, felt collage, rug making, cobweb felting, needle felting, seamless felting and even cut and carved felt projects. This book is geared well to beginners but the projects are interesting and varied for even the most experienced felt maker (to find something challenging and interesting). Uniquely Felt  has wonderful hints on techniques and tools that are invaluable. There are even hints on good posture which is something often overlooked in books and so important if you are making felt regularly. There are hints all the way through on what to do with various problems that can occur in your felt making and how to remedy them. This is information gleaned from her many years of felt making and is invaluable to those starting their felt making journey. There is good technical information on wool, the felting process, shrinkage rates and diferent types of fibres, plus a section on community felt making and the history of felt.The photography is really nice— and the projects are well made and classy. One of my favourite parts of the book is the section on featured artists. I was chuffed that three of the International featured artists were people I have learnt from in years past— all Master Felt Makers of great renown and very lovely people. She has chosen her featured artists very carefully. All in all this book comes highly recommended and I would give it 5 stars! Wendy Bailye 

Orange Forum Photos….My Class at Orange Forum produced some amazing work in a week of FULL ON FELTING! 

What can I say?.WOW! what an amazing class.Colourful ,enthusiastic,inspiring,creative and so much fun to spend the week with!We had a great class 16 participants and everyone had a ball.  

Orange Full on Felt Workshop 

Orange Full on Felt Workshop 

Orange Full on Felt Workshop 

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