Lisa and Dorothy


Last chance to book into this amazing class!

Four days of expert tuition with Lisa who is traveling all the way from the USA to teach around Australia. We are very fortunate to have Lisa with us at the Felt Studio in Brisbane ,Australia. Click here to see some of Lisa’s work

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Dorothy Caldwell’s class in mark making  was an inspiration! She brought an amazing apron that had been mended over and over.It was like a stained glass window.It came form the mid west of the USA in the 40’s.A time of great depression in the US. So many mendings and such a treasured work garment that the owner could not have afforded to replace.Dorothy also had the apron which covered this dress which has fade marks where the apron covered it .My son  Ollie loves mending and was intrigued by this amazing story -he came to class to stitch with us and see this amazing piece of history.Below are some pictures including the apron and Ollie’s darning. I am a proud Mum! Both my boys love handwork and it makes my heart glad!



 Some new pieces…..of mine!

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