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photos nov 2007 020 This is my first day so please excuse any hiccups, links that don’t link and the sort . There are numerous pages not quite up yet, so please be patient as I learn the ropes. I feel like I am attached to my computer by an umbillical cord, however I’m sure that will change. It’s not my favourite place to be attached, as you would know! I would much rather be attached to my felting studio. Well apparently this is where I begin blogging. I trust this is so and will just keep typing here and hope for the best. Firstly, to say starting a website is a stressful experience is an understatement. So much to learn, and being such a visual person and a kinesthetic learner-it has had it’s moments! I tend to learn by doing  (practical), so following precise directions is not my forte. Anyway that you are reading this and that it exists is a miracle in itself. Next I am going to put in a photo which will be another miracle, lets see how I go! Until I get my galleries up please click on my flickr site to view images of my work http://www.flickr.com/photos/xena-feltwoman/

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