Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year! Finally the 2017 Calendar is done! The end of my year was a bit of a personal roller coaster ride and I have been unable to do many of the tasks that I usually would have completed by now. So, I do apologise if you have been looking to see when my classes will be this year! I just had to jump off the merry go round and attend to family matters as a priority. Taking time out is a necessary part of our life and there is nothing more important! This year I am aiming for a balance that has so far proven to be a little illusive. It seems the older I get the busier I get! If you told me this 10 years ago, I never would have believed it! The new year promises to be full of adventure it seems, with my usual teaching trips away and some home time in the studio. Here are some images of some of my  recent feltworks.The pods are teeny tiny .The smallest my finger only just fits in! Bailye_ (2)_Shades of Grey Scarves 2016-11-03 11.05.44 Bailye_ (3)_Central Australia Series
Felting at the local Kindy

Felting at the local Kindy. Amazing     what four year olds can do!

          UnderTheInfluence MingJar SpacedOut2015 teapot2 We had a fabulous class with Pamela A MacGregor in January. So much to learn forever it seems! Here are some of Pam's Pots