Happy New Year and a Felt workshop with Vilte from Lithuania in Samford!

The New Year is here ! This is the first time for many years that I have actually felt relaxed before my holidays. So after three weeks camping on glorious Stradbroke Island and one week at home all by myself  I am entering a new year feeling wonderfully enthusiastic for what may come to pass in 2012.

Shortly I will post the dates and topics for my classes for the new year.

The most exciting news so far this year is that I will be hosting a wonderful workshop with a lovely felt maker from Lithuania ,Vilte,whom I have long admired


These are some of her beautiful creations.I would like this to be a beginning for getting some international tutors to visit Brisbane-sometimes we seem to miss out! Please support this event so that I have the courage to plan more! Here are some images of Vilte’s-her website blog is viltefelt.blogspot.com/ I would love to have at least two or three international tutors come each year.We would be doing light felt that suits the tropics.

In order for this workshop to go ahead I need expressions of interest ASAP. Please email me wendy@wendybailye.com if you would like to attend .

It will be held in my refurbished (i.e. Tidy and suitably enlarged for the occasion!!) Samford venue The Felt Studio in Queensland ,Australia.Yes I am finally taking over the whole under house area! I think Murray always suspected that may happen!  If you are coming from interstate there are some lovely places to stay locally – you would need a hire car as there is no public transport to Samford.

The workshops will be two x two day workshops and we are thinking that the Easter break  April Fri6(Good Friday/ Sat7  and  then Sun 8/Mon 9.These dates need to be confirmed. We may put on an extra class if needed.

Some more details for you all…..Vilte and I only started the conversation yesterday so it all fresh and new! The first workshop is more on using fabric and fabric layers rather than wild fibres the second day is wild and wonderful using different wools. I have sourced long lustrous locks of gorgeous sheep and other wild animals to play with! I am able to supply all materials or you can bring your own.I will send out a list that you can order from and your supplies will be ready and waiting in class.


Friday 6th April and Saturday 7th April 2 day – felting a top with nuno manipulation technique

Description of the workshop program:

Day 1 – working on samples using different  fabric manipulation techniques.

Day 2 –Discussing the samples, choosing the techniques for a personal top design. Sketching a personal design of the top. Counting patterns. Beginning to lay out the top and felting it. Finishing tips.

Working hours per day – 6 hours + time for lunch break

Please note that workshop program might be adjusted to suit the needs of participants.

Sunday 8th April and Monday 9th April 2 day workshop – Wild fibers in modern couture. Drapable accessories

Description of the workshop program:

Day 1 – working on samples using raw fleece from various breeds of sheep or other animals as well as different untreated natural fibers (silk, flax, banana fiber, bamboo, etc). You will learn how to felt with raw wool and create drapable and live felt, how to create different textures with different wool (long, curly, fluffy…). You will learn how to create a material with new visual and sensual properties using different natural fibers and then manipulate it making the wild fibers speak in 3D form as well.

Day 2 – Discussing the samples, choosing the materials for a personal design of a shawl or other drapable accessory, anything that reinforces the free flow of wild fibers and wraps each body in very individual way, creating a very personalized look. Preparing prefelts for manipulation from fibers and beginning to lay out the design. Felting and finishing tips.

Please note that workshop program might be adjusted to suit the needs of participants


The cost will be approximately $280/p (inc GST)  max per 2 day workshop plus materials-12 students max per class. The two classes we are planning are: Felting a beautiful top using  fabric manipulation techniques and

Wild fibres in Modern Couture -felting with raw wool and creating texture with silk and fibres .

Please email me with your preferred date and if you would like to do one or two workshops.It will be first in first served! More details will be posted .

I have sourced some gorgeous very reasonably priced Australian raw fleeces straight from the farm-I even know the sheep’s names!!Also we will use some exotic fibres so it will be a great chance to learn to use new materials.I am really excited about it!


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