Finishing off your cushions and scarves

Decided to post a note about finishing off your Textile Art Festival projects that were not quite finished at the end of class.The class ended not quite how I would have liked it to-it is the first class that I have taught that didn’t end on time(something i like to do!) so I do apologise.  It was a  very hectic end to fhe class and I would have liked to have spent more time with you individually to finish off .

CUSHION -Keep working your cushion in the plastic sheeting or rolling on itself with the petals inside the roll at all times with or without plastic depending on how hard and stuck on your flower is.(stitch if necessary at end)Keep shaping it back into a square shape and remember that the direction you roll is the direction that the shrinkage will occur. )….A little extra bar soap rubbed on the felt can help at this point. Keep rolling until your cushion measures a little larger than 50×50 cm this will fit the insert nicely and also ensure there is no pilling or minimum pilling when the cushion is being used. Check it is not felting to itself on the inside and that the petals are the shape you would like.Stretch the petals width wise and shape them as you go.Stretch the overlap so it overlaps nicely.Put your hand inside the cushion and stretch the edges outwards from the inside  so they lay straight. Straighten from the outside aswell.Rinse in water with a dash of vinegar .Spin your cushion when finished on the spin cycle only (not wash!!) to remove excess water or roll in a dry towel after wringing out by hand.Then finish shaping .If you would like to bring your cushion in to show me tomorrow  please do .I am at the Artists at work area all morning till 12.00 or  if  you need advice email me .Dont forget to send me a picture!

Scarves.Remove your plastic resists and work your scarf by rolling it on itself until you get good crinkle and the felt is hard .Stretch the petals to shape .Keep checking it does not felt to itself.Rinse in water with  a dash of vinegar and then spin as above.Send me a photo when you are finished I’d love to see it and I will post them here on my blog…

Thank you all for attending class .I think your colours were beautiful and I look forward to seeing them all finished.Though hectic at the end  I was impressed that the template work had no ridges  around the edges which is often a problem with beginners and template work.The rubbing  in wards only towards the middle ensures that this does not happen.If you had a flower that didnt attach this sometimes happens and you just need to stitch it on .There is no rhyme or reason just sometimes happens so just stitch it on at the end..If I didnt say goodbye or thankyou I apologise and say it now!! Wendyx

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