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  1. Rhonda Rettke says:

    Below is my email for you to send the Pamala McGreggor workshop info. Cheers Rhonda

  2. gary sheen says:

    Hi Wendy ,

    I have been communication with Pam McGregor re her workshop next year.

    She is keen to have participants use the Finn rovings that I stock. To that end, could you either let them know…or send me their contact emails and I will let them know that all colours are stocked by me.

    Gary Sheen Feltfine

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Gary,
    That is great to know.I gave your details to all my students.When I looked on your website Finnwool was out of stock.I have ordered some myself just for my class and some will be getting wool from you.I iwll let them know.
    Hope all is well!
    Kind Regards

  4. admin says:

    Hi Kim,
    I am teaching on a cruise to Singapore and I will be teaching nuno and a holey wrap which is a cobweb technique.Look up the Needlework Cruises website and have a look !
    Kind regards

  5. Melda Verrenkamp says:

    Hello Wendy I am interested in doing a Felting workshop next year. Could you please advise dates, places and cost.
    I have never had any experience at all but have admired work done by a friend, who did recommend I contact you.

  6. Bronwyn Gillies says:

    Hello Wendy,
    I have been to 3 of your workshops with my friends at your studio & now it is time to do some felting at home in my creative space, using your DVD as my tutor. I need some of those fine silk shawls for the nuno felting, like we used at your studio. Can I buy them from you, if not where can I buy them?
    With thanks

  7. admin says:

    Hi Melda,
    I will be posting classes soon.I will pop you on my newsletter list so you get the dates,

  8. admin says:

    Hi Bronwyn,
    Still having trouble getting emails from my website,so sorry for the late reply.I am leaving for Straddie on Wednesday so will post scarves/wraps for you if you can let me know asap what you would like.The black silk hand hemmed scarves are 24.00(55 x2m) and white(1.8 x38) 20.00.If you are doing a big wrap the silk is 12.00/m for white georgette and $14/m for black.You need 2.5 m per wrap.Let me know what you would like and I shall post today.You can pay by direct deposit.

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