I have been working on  a black and white felted dance peformance  garment .

My friend Jan is about to head out to the Australian desert  near Alice Springs in a big bus for a  special conference at which she will be performing  .   We think she  looks very ” Priscilla”  like and should definitely ride on top of the bus in style!!!

The costume was a labour of love for me. It was so inspiring  to work on a project together . The back part of the costume was six trestle tables in size before felting and took three of us to roll it!!  Truly WAS fun !

Hope you like it . I will have some proper photos from the desert I am sure.It was beautiful to see her perform in it (had a special night time preview!)-I seldom see my felt on a living , moving form . It was a treat.Jan  moved so beautifully and so did the felt .I do love felt and silk!






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