Back from ” The Centre”

Just back from Central Australia! What an experience,walking ,walking, climbing and more walking….and a bit of eucalypt dyeing ! Murray and I were mistaken for serious mountain climbers much to our amusement!!! Did a lot for my self concept ! I am going to put the photos of our big climbs on the fridge to remind me of what it feels like to exert yourself . Amazingly good, i.e. after you get your breath again and realise you didn’t die in the process.

10 days in the “wilderness” in our little campervan. Now I have 150 emails to sort through- but it was worth it …so many beautiful colours and textures . I  had to buy a crock pot to do some dyeing in the camper… it was on special for $15 and I could leave it simmer all night-made the camper smell cosy and stewy with onion skins and eucalyptus-my husband just rolled his eyes!! There was  Eucalyptus Cineria growing  EVERYWHERE so I just had to dye .There were no second hand saucepans or, metal pots in Alice Springs op shops and I looked everywhere…seems they are at a premium there .

My lovely  son just moved out so a new crock pot will be handy for him.My big news is I am now officially an empty nester! Woo hoo!  Am I supposed to be this excited? A new phase in life begins.






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