August Felt Classes

“The Sunday Girls”‘

Some photos of classes in August.Three enthusiastic  beginners who made lovely felt and the “Sunday Girls”!A great day as always with good food and conversation.

One of the highlights of felting days are the shared lunches.So I  thought you might like my felt class  recipe for noodle salad.So many of you have asked for the recipe so here it is!Wendy’s Noodle (or rice) salad  (or If using rice cook three cups of rice and add ingredients below…) One packet of organic Japanese noodles(cook in boiling water till done) drain.Add to the noodles 1 tbls sesame oil, I tablespoon of sweet soy sauce or one tablespoon of soy sauce and two teaspoons sweetchilli sauce.Cook one onion till browned in a little oil, add some grated ginger and garlic and brown in pan. Add in 2 cups finely shredded cabbage. Cook till tender. Remove from pan and mix into noodles .Toast some almonds and or cashews and sesame seeds.Add into noodles. Finely chop some fresh herbs and add (coriander,parsely,chives or shallots etc).Add a few shakes of chinese five spice and mix in. Can also add in corn kernels, broccoli,grated carrot ,red capsicum,a little bacon fried,or tuna …..whatever you like really…Fry some egg and chop and add on top.Enjoy!

Nicolas yummy, yummy slippers!So sturdy and warm!

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