New work for the New Year

Some new work inspired by my holiday to Stradbroke Island. Handmade felt and free machine stitch.

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The Garage Sale-Clear the clutter!

Sharyn Hall and Wendy Bailye’s famous craft and textile sale is on again!
Saturday February 3rd     2018   
at 50 McDowall’s Rd Yugar (a suburb of Samford)
7.00 am -4.00pm
Miscellaneous studio ephemera: Papercrafts, fabrics, buttons, beads, fibres, findings, tools, hand dyed fabrics and scraps. Leather, silk fabrics for dyeing, balls of yarn….Lots and lots of stuff! Interesting textiles. Cottons and threads, knitting needles, discounted felting supplies, frames and canvas’s, books, magazines, arts and crafts material. Plants and herbs including dragon fruit cuttings,giant perennial basil cuttings, bromeliads and Australian native tube stock and feature trees.
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It is a New Year!

Happy New Year.

My year started quite tumultuously with my website being compromised and no longer able to be accessed so apologies if you tried to access it form the 27th December until now. It was a tense time and I realised how much I rely on my website for a smooth sailing  working life! This event resulted in my website blog posts from late in the year until now being deleted. Not the worst thing in the world but a little annoying- better than losing the whole site! Needless to say stronger security has been added to my website hosting. I also have a new addition to the site where you can subscribe to my newsletter. Please do !

We had a lovely family Christmas and enjoyed our wonderful children and grandchildren. It is a special time of year!

Had a lovely photo shot with Vicki Yen from  Vicki likes to tell a story with her images and I can highly recommend a sitting with her.

 We spent our usual holiday at Stradbroke Island, always a source of great inspiration  for my work. I loved the patterns in the sand. Who knows what this will inspire and when!

Another trip just before Christmas was to a wonderful Gallery.Below are some images from Margaret Olly’s studio..makes me feel better about my house clutter. Her house and been relocated to The Tweed Gallery. It was a lovely place to visit and the food is remarkable at the cafe! 

 The next workshop in the studio is a wonderful jewellery workshop with Mary Hettsmansperger in March  She is going to do some felt specific techniques as well as her usual beautiful work.

Mary Hetts flyer Images Click here to see the flyer for her workshop. 

I will also have one workshop in my studio in March. Please email me if you are interested. It will be the only Brisbane class for the year as I am traveling and sharing my felting interstate and overseas.

Well I will keep you posted on what else is happening as things develop!



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Teaching , travels and beautiful boots!

Above is a picture of my brother Garry’s dad. The photo is taken on their property at Casterton. They had trained the sheep to pull a cart and Garry’s Dad was eager to be pulled about the paddocks. Just part of a fabulous woolly family history I have discovered! Isn’t it a great photo?

The next two images are students work from my three day Shades of Grey in 3 dimensions class at the studio.

Have had a busy time with my travels to Melbourne then Central Australia and then a fabulous workshop in Western Australia.I fell in love with the South West! My father in law Des came from Kojanup and I spent a little time there which was lovely. My host was wonderful and took me sightseeing even though it was a fairly rushed working trip.

Then our much-awaited Felting Convergence in Toowoomba and Natalya Brashovetska visiting and teaching felt boot making from Cyprus. Natalya originally comes from Ukraine, as with many Eastern European countries, a place with a wonderful history of traditional  felt boot making. She shared her techniques which are very modern, innovative and interesting.

10 students came to the workshop which was, I think, a perfect number. It was such a busy time most days starting at 7am and sometimes not finishing till 7 at night. Very dedicated students I must say and the work showed their attention to detail. I think everyone was exhausted by the end but felt very chuffed with their fabulous boots and bags.

Feltmaker, Chris Lines and her husband Steve, came for a social visit before Convergence. We met in the UK when I was teaching a couple of years ago and I always admired her work. She is a marvellous feltmaker from the Isle of Wight in the UK. We are hoping Chris can come back to visit and teach here soon. Here is a link to her work. Chris taught classes at convergence which were very well received. If you are interested in a class with Chris email me to put in an expression of interest. Below is one of my pieces from Chris’s faces class and one of the other participants faces as well.We learnt such a lot.

And two of Chris’s beautiful works….

My annual textile exhibition with Sharyn Hall is fast approaching. Can you believe it has been 9 years since we first started working together? We are excited to have our flyer finished at last and look forward to popping copies out and about around Brisbane. If you know of anywhere we could pop flyers let me know. I can pop some in the post.

We will both be busy preparing after a hectic year! Here are a few of Sharyn’s lovely images.

Next year we have Mary Hettsmansperger visiting and teaching from the USA.

She will teach from the studio for 5 days. Very excited to have her visit. She will be teaching a combination of three classes with a special emphasis on using felt and textiles in pieces. Please email if you are interested. We have 7 bookings so far and can take 12.

Well that is about it for now. The studio calls.

Yes and don’t forget blessed are the feltmakers!

Wendy xxx.




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Felting, felting and MORE felting!


Had a great weekend at The Fibre Expo at Mt Coot-tha. Sold a lovely piece to Elizabeth and need her to email me about her piece as I have lost her contact !!It is all mounted and ready to send. Memory of Place, below, is one of all time favourite pieces.

The middle of the year is always my busiest time in my working life. It seems that June, July and August feature prominently on my felting schedule. I am often teaching away and that makes life extra busy!

I have just returned from Alice Springs where I taught at the Beanie Festival. It is a beautiful part of Australia. I am about to head to Melbourne to teach with Feltwearable. Two classes,  hat making and flower/fripperies (got to love that word!)

Then to Western Australia to teach a three day class Shades of Grey in the Third Dimension  with Great Southern Workshops . Traveling and teaching keeps me fresh and inspired…but quite busy.

I have been working on pieces for The Ekka – our Royal National Show, always a great pleasure!It is my twelfth year of exhibiting. Feeling very chuffed to have won Best Exhibit Felting this year.

Also working on pieces for Fibre Expo and The Natural Fibre Expo at the Ekka AND exhibition pieces for Entangle at their Heart Felt exhibition. To say it has been busy is an understatement.

Some pieces I have been working on…


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Off to Alice


Heading off to Alice Springs to teach.

So excited to be traveling to such a gorgeous place.

I love my journey there.

Each year I come back more inspired

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Samford and Surrounds Arts trail and Open Studio

How DO you make handmade felt?

Ever wondered how handmade felt is made?
Well, this could be your chance to find out!
The Felt Studio will be open this weekend and next (the first two weekends in June ONLY) as part of the Samford and Surrounds Arts Trail and Open Studio event organised by Creative Samford Inc.
At the Felt Studio, learn how this fabulous ancient craft is now inspiring contemporary artisans.

Feltmaker Wendy Bailye will be showcasing her felt work from her studio at 50 McDowall’s Rd Yugar, Queensland.
10am – 4pm.

Wendy has been making felt for over 23 years and teaches her craft around Australia and Internationally.You will be assured of a very interesting visit.

Take a drive to the wonderful Samford Valley, enjoy some of the local cafe fare and make a wonderful day of it.

Please like and share this post if you can. It helps to get the word out and our wonderful artists appreciate your support. There are over 30 Artists involved in this years trails.

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A sheepy friend in Norway.We met in a paddock when I was walking to work at an Eco Village in Lygra. I thought she was beautiful and she thought I was interesting!


I have just completed my latest Newsletter.

Phew, that took some doing! I had done the whole thing and then realised the format I had used did not transfer well to mobile devices so had to do some last minute modifications. Oh I do find technology challenging at times!

I am so looking forward to my cruise teaching adventure to Singapore. I have not actually been so far up north and am going to love seeing a more northerly aspect of the fabulous big continent we live on. Airlee Beach, Port Douglas, Cairns, Darwin and then to Singapore.Very excited about spending some time with the other cruise teachers.We always have a wonderful time and meet new friends as well.

I found this lovely quote today. The sentiment is one I agree with wholeheartedly!

 “I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life.” Frank Stella 

My creative work has taken me to some beautiful places in the last few years, where I have met some amazing creative people and made life long friends. Here a few snaps.

                                                                    Alice Springs                                                                         Scotland

Jondaryan Woolshed 

Taranaki NZ

                                                            On the way to Canberra

                                                               Northern England

                                                          Cruising the Sounds in NZ


I am feeling very blessed indeed to have been able to travel and work in these wonderful places. Sometimes it is just so busy and life so hectic that I forget to appreciate how amazing it is to do what I love! Thank you to everyone who makes this possible especially my family who put up with me being absent quite a bit (even when here in person, I still manage to be absent as well!!)

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Finally some time in the studio!

I finally feel as if I am a little more grounded in my work! Enjoying playing with some samples for my classes in 2018 in Central Australia.
These are just samples, playing with colours and types of stitch and thickness of pre-felt and differential thicknesses.They are not pieces I am necessarily happy with at all yet.They are just play things/learning devices at this stage and the beginning pieces of a bigger jigsaw puzzle that is still evolving- like those jigsaws with no edges!! Some parts I feel I overworked and over stitched I learnt something there! Some parts the colours disappeared completely. The naturally dyed pre-felts and fabrics I put in do not show up well at all .They need to be darker. I also discovered I like them rolled. I also discovered the pods would look better with some shadowing behind.So the journey goes on!
One of the blessings of my work is getting to travel and teach and Central Australia is my all time favourite place. Something resonates with my little heart there.I will be teaching in Central Australia in June this year and in 2018. Pop to my website to see full details of my classes around Australia.


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Happy New Year!

Felting at the local Kindy

Above is a felted wall hanging made by 18 lively four year olds at The Pines Childcare Centre. We had so much fun!

The end of my year was a bit of a personal roller coaster and I have been unable to do many of the tasks that I usually have done by now. So I do apologise if you have been looking to see when my classes will be this year! I just had to jump off the merry go round and attend to family matters as a priority.

The new year promises to be full of adventure it seems with my usual teaching trips away and some home time in the studio. My 2017 Workshop Calendar for the year is now on site and I am stepping up for a wonderful year ahead. Some new evening classes are taking shape and I have finally organised some play days for a few special students who come regularly to the studio  classes.

Below are some of Pamela. A. MacGregor’s gorgeous pots from her  website. I was blessed to get to spend about 10 days with Pam and she taught from the Felt Studio for three fabulous days.Pam loved her time here and of course the shared lunches on workshop days were a hit as they always seem to be! Pam said they are the best lunches she has ever had ! No pressure now girls! We all had a terrific time and learnt such a lot.We had a gorgeous day trip to Stradbroke Island with some of the NZ girls that were here for the class.



2017-01-09 15.37.47

I have been pottering about in the studio. Here are a few sample pieces…

Bailye_ (2)_Shades of Grey Scarves

2017-01-28 15.04.28

2015-09-21 11.17.30

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