A little history…

Interested in the history of Organised felt groups in Australia? Here are  two interesting articles. I am writing an article for the International Feltmakers Website and the article will be linked to this page.

Where did it all begin? The Origins of Feltwest

By Judith Shaw

Reprinted with permission. Thank you Judith Shaw and Felt West. where-did-it-all-begin

The History of ‘Organised’ Australian Felting

Or how it all began…

By Christine Sloan, reprinted by permission, thank you ChristineSloan   felting-in-australia-by-christine-sloan

Felt By Wendy Bailye

Felt By Wendy Bailye

Felt by Wendy Bailye

Felt by Wendy Bailye

Creativity is overrated!


My Newsletter for September is here.I am finally feeling on top my paperwork!


Sometimes I feel so creative that I cannot settle on what to make.Too many options. It seems others have this problem too! At my wits end the other day I googled “What to do when you have too many ideas?” A veritable feast of articles came my way.

Well it did help to know that others have the same problem!

Here are some things I have been making lately. Teeny ,tiny pods and amulets.

www.wendybailye.com Felt by Wendy Bailye


2016-09-07 12.23.08




New Zealand and Alice Springs

Just back from teaching trips to these two amazing places!

Here is my latest newsletter to catch up on all my roamings!

Students work Alice Springs ,Spirit of the Center Wrap.

2016-06-28 15.50.16

2016-06-28 15.59.53

2016-06-29 10.30.19

New Zealand Students work….

2016-07-21 15.04.08

Wendy and Wraps

The Class

Some new work….

Some new embosssed work details with machine stitch …2015-07-30 09.42.10
2016-06-07 09.06.58

2016-06-07 09.05.55

2016-06-07 09.08.32

Classes coming up!

Only a few spaces remaining! Pam is joining us from the USA for this very special class!

PAMELA A.  MACGREGOR    A Study in Three Dimensional Felting    (USA)                                                                                  

January 6/7/8 2017

Design a felt sculpture, vessel, or perhaps a teapot. Learn how to form spouts, handles, well fitted stoppers or manipulate a simple pattern into a beautiful sculptural form.

During this 3 day workshop each participant will explore interesting surface designs suitable for their individual work as well as study new approaches to sculpting felt.

This is an intermediate to advanced workshop.   A thorough skill in using a resist pattern and basic wool layout is a prerequisite.

Email wendy@wendybailye.com for full details.

carnival teapot side 2 300 dpi copyColorado Cutthroat Trout Teapot front copy

Still a few places remaining for Trace Willans workshop in August 2016. Artist Statement

Natural Mixed media samples for the class below-

FullSizeRender (1)

Class Calendar May-November

Pots and Pods Workshop Wendy Bailye Image 2

Class Calendar May-November  is finally confirmed. A few of you have been waiting on these dates.

I have teaching planned for:
June, Alice Springs: A teaching trip for the Beanie Festival where I will teach a few  classes during and after the festival.

July in New Zealand, Embroidery Conference

Warwick, July  28-31st Slippers and Pods  Jumpers and Jazz    festival 

August 18th -21st Guest Tutor at the Felt Studio Trace Willans -Natural mixed media…4 days of natural dyeing and mixed media application. Indigo, leaf dyes/eco dyeing on paper and fabric.

August 26th – 28th 3 day Felt Intensive with Wendy Bailye. Choose from “the list of classes” available on my website. One two or three days.2014-08-05 13.14.01

Melbourne : September 9,10 & 11 . I will be teaching a two day 50 Shades of Grey Class and a one day class TBA! http://feltwearable-2016-program.instapage.com/

October 28th/29th /30th  –  Shades of Grey: Three day  3D sculptural felt class with Wendy Bailye. Take your 3D work to the next level! Learn to use templates, make slippers, pots and pods, hats, experiment and have fun in 3 dimensions…. This is a full three day class and a follow on from our Shades of Grey class at the beginning of the year.Tuition Cost:$300. A full materials kit  is available for this class.Details TBA.

Wendy Bailye Bag Pod Handfelted New pod for my exhibition.
I was also still hoping to schedule a felt play day later in the year but seem to have run out of dates! Next year might be better! A day where you pay a small fee and can play in the studio on small project of your own in a group setting.I will not be teaching as such but here to advise you on your own small projects if needed.
If you can’t make it to a class don’t forget I have a range  of online classes , DVD’S and CD roms available in my Etsy shop .
and my  Hat Academy Classes  .
Thank you all for showing an interest in The Felt Studio.
Remember Blessed are the Feltmakers!
www.wendybailye.com for details.

Have been playng this week with my shades of grey again! Spots, I love them!

2016-05-11 13.49.40

Three new classes coming up!

Had a wonderful class this week 50 Shades of Grey Felt! Everyone made something different. A very creative bunch of women! Here are just a few images

2016-03-05 15.48.00

Scarves from Shades of Grey Class with Wendy Bailye at the Felt Studio

Bag from Shades of Grey Class with Wendy Bailye at the Felt Studio


2016-03-05 15.46.02

2016-03-05 16.20.052016-03-05 15.49.02

2016-03-05 16.23.352016-03-05 15.57.482016-03-05 16.13.55

The next round of classes for you here.Please go to the workshops page for the working links,these are just photos and the links don’t link!!!

Wendy Bailye Intensive edited PDF 4-page-001

Rachel Meek Workshop Flyer Edited pdf-page-001

Traces Workshop dates: August 18th -21st  August  2016

Trace Willans Workshop



Book your felt class now!

My latest newsletter has details of the many classes available at The Felt Studio. Click here to view

I have limited workshops this year from my studio so if you have thought about doing a class now is the time. Some of the workshops only have a few spaces remaining.

Sophie Munns design workshop is on very soon and promises to be amazing! On the last day you will have two tutors Sophie for design and Wendy for felt, double trouble or twice blessed! Book now to do a design class with this amazing artist and make felt with a seed focus!10603518_1156736354354255_490006884756235062_n

Learn to make lovely scarves and wraps at Wendy’s Shades of Grey class in March.

small embossed2

small embossed

You can also do a class with Wendy at her Felt Intensive. Do a project (chosen from “The List” click here ) a day!

Scarves by Wendy Bailye

Scarves by Wendy Bailye

Wrap Class at Koala Conventions

Wrap Class at Koala Conventions

2015-07-05 16.20.25

Wrap Class at Jumpers and Jazz with Wendy Bailye

Wrap Class at Jumpers and Jazz with Wendy Bailye

Learn to dye fibre and felt with Master Dyer  Rachel Meek .

Dyed wool Rachel Meek

Mixed media artist Trace Willans will do a 4 day wonderful natural  mixed media class as well.IMG_0430

What a year!

I also have teaching planned for:
June Alice Springs: I am planning a teaching trip for the
 Beanie Festival where I will teach a few  classes during and after the festival.
 July in New Zealand Embroidery Conference
 July Warwick  Jumpers and Jazz festival 
 Melbourne :September 10 & 11 . I will be teaching a two day 50 Shades of Grey Class and a one day class TBA!

If you can’t make it to a class don’t forget I have a range  of online classes , DVD’S and CD roms available in my Etsy shop .

and my  Hat Academy Classes  .
Thank you all for showing an interest in The Felt Studio.Remember Blessed are the Feltmakers!


New hats!

My online lessons at www.hatacademy.com teach you how to make a dusky purple cloche hat with flowers.

My Hat academy class

My Hat Academy class www.hatacademy.com

Here is the same hat in  different colour ways and styles to show what can be done once you learn the basic skills.

Cloche Hat by Wendy Bailye www.wendybailye.com

Cloche Hat by Wendy Bailye

2016-02-04 07.01.31

Flower arranging...

Flower arranging…

Wild Poppy Hat

Wild Poppy Hat

Wild Poppy hat

Wild Poppy hat


I will also have a video coming soon on how to make simple poppy flowers!


New work

Having a lovely time in the studio playing.The secret to studio success is to make time for your own work but more importantly to take time out to quieten your mind and care for your inner life. Meditation and yoga each morning with my lovely hubby has been a beautiful start to the year.Feeling blessed and very creative is a good combination! Below is some design work from the studio this week.

2016-01-27 14.59.27

Felt Lariot www.wendybailye.com

Design work...flowers from my garden www.wendybailye.com

Design work…flowers from my garden

Design work ..banksia drawings www.wendybailye.com

Design work ..banksia drawings

Design work www.wendybailye.com

Design work www.wendybailye.com


Wendy Bailye on Etsy


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